The increasing number of ATM attacks is a growing concern. Attacks are happening on a daily basis.
Bank Branches
Bank Branches are prone to burglar attacks. Many Branches have the old 3rd generation Intrusion Alarm System.​
Retail Outlets
Retail Outlets with costly assets are ever prone to Burglary. Many Retail Outlets have the old 3rd generation Intrusion Alarm System.
Warehouses by their very nature are in remote areas and are ever prone to Burglary. Many Warehouses have the old 3rd Generation Intrusion Alarm System.​
Cash Vehicles
Burglary and highway robbery of cash vans is on the increase. Once a burglary starts there is no way to raise an alarm till the burglary is completed.
School Solutions
In light of increased incidents of child mishandling within schools and school buses, it's imperative that proactive measures are taken to prevent the same.

About Shivas Eye

Our integrated security monitoring station adds value to our customers through its accurate and technological handling of a varying range of security monitoring activities.

Our central station facility has been designed to offer services outside the boundaries of normal monitoring facilities. We offer clients with compatible equipment of a fully managed system which permits our operators the facility to provide remote diagnostics, remote servicing and, most importantly, the ability to carry out engineering tasks without an engineer attending the monitored location.

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