Bank Branches Surveillance

Bank Branches are prone to burglar attacks. Many Branches have the old 3rd generation Intrusion Alarm System that will only alert you of a burglary attempt but can do nothing to prevent it. Shivas Eye E-Surveillance system with Shivas Deterrence will monitor your bank premises day and night that will not only detect any intrusion online but will also attempt to prevent it immediately.

E-Surveillance System

  • 5th Generation 8/16/32 Zone Intrusion Alarm Panel with TCP/IP Connectivity
  • Secured and Alarmed metal enclosure for Alarm Panel, DVR, Router and Battery
  • Built-In SMPS to power Alarm Panel, DVR, Router and Cameras
  • 8 Hours of Battery Back-Up for the entire system
  • Alarm Panel Tamper Detection

CCTV System

  • 16 Channel DVR
  • High Reliability Surveillance-rated Hard Disk
  • Outdoor Weather-proof Camera (Multiple)
  • Masking detection alert for all cameras
  • IWire cut alert for all cameras

Branch ATM Sensors

  • ATM Removal Detection Sensor
  • ATM Vibration Detection Sensor
  • ATM Thermal Attack Detection Sensor
  • ATM Chest Door Open Detection Sensor
  • Cheque Drop Box Removal Detection Sensor

Branch Sensors

  • Shutter Open Sensor
  • Smoke Sensors (Multiple)
  • Motion Sensor in the Lobby
  • Lobby Temperature High Sensor
  • Panic Switches (Multiple)