Cash Vehicles

Burglary and highway robbery of cash vans is on the increase. Once a burglary starts there is no way to raise an alarm till the burglary is completed. Securens' 5th Generation E-Surveillance system with Shivas Deterrence will monitor your Cash Van from the start of the route till the end of the route that will not only detect any attacks online but will also attempt to prevent it immediately..

Alert Monitoring Services

  • The Cash Van is equipped with an Alarm System that is used to arm the doors of the Cash Van. Only on entering a valid code, the Alarm
  • Panel can be disabled, and the door opened without raising an alarm
  • Detect Intrusion by tripping of Sensors
  • Perform Video Verification
  • Switch-off alarm if false alert
  • Deploy 2-Way Audio Deterrence if ongoing burglary
  • Escalate as per contract

Route Monitoring

  • Watch each Cash Van from start of the route till the end of the route
  • dentify any burglary attacks
  • Deploy Siren and Strobes
  • Use 2-Way Audio to deter the crime
  • Escalate as per companies policies

Intrusion Alarm Panel

  • 5th Generation 32 Zone Intrusion Alarm Panel with TCP/IP Connectivity
  • Secured and Alarmed metal enclosure for Alarm Panel, DVR, Router and Battery
  • Built-In SMPS to power Alarm Panel, DVR, Router and Cameras
  • 8 Hours of Battery Back-Up for the entire system Alarm Panel Tamper Detection

CCTV System

  • 4 - 8 Channel DVR
  • High Reliability Surveillance-rated Hard Disk
  • Indoor IR Dome Cameras (Multiple)
  • Outdoor Weather-proof Camera (Multiple)
  • Masking detection alert for all cameras
  • Wire cut alert for all cameras


  • Shutter Open Sensor
  • Door Open Sensor (Multiple)
  • Panic Switch for the driver
  • Siren
  • Strobes

Audio System

  • Special Speaker
  • Special Microphone

Communication System

  • Communication on Secure wireless VPN
  • VPN wireless Router