Warehouses by their very nature are in remote areas and are ever prone to Burglary. Many Warehouses have the old 3rd Generation Intrusion Alarm System that will only alert you of a burglary attempt but can do nothing to prevent it. Shivas Eye E-Surveillance system with Shivas Deterrence will monitor your premises day and night that will not only detect any intrusion online but will also attempt to prevent it immediately.

Alert Monitoring Services

  • Detect Intrusion by tripping of Sensors
  • Perform Video Verification
  • Switch-off alarm if false alert
  • Deploy 2-Way Audio Deterrence if ongoing burglary
  • Escalate as per contract

Perimeter Monitoring at Night

  • Detect Perimeter Intrusion by tripping of Motion Sensors or by 24/7 Surveillance
  • Perform Video Verification
  • Switch ON Siren/Strobes if suspicious activity are detected
  • Deploy 2-Way Audio Deterrence
  • Escalation as per protocols